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We are a small company but what we lack in size we make up for in dedication to producing great wines each year!

The Joy Fantastic wines come from our 5 acre estate in western Sta. Rita Hills. Our Holus Bolus wines are produced from grapes that are purchased from vineyard partners in Santa Barbara County.

Amy Christine and Peter Hunken+

Amy Christine and Peter Hunken, Owners and Winemakers

Joey Coco+

Joey Coco, Vineyard Security

Chris King, Cosecha Farming+

Chris King, Cosecha Farming, Viticulture

Amy Christine and Peter Hunken

Amy Christine and Peter Hunken, Owners and Winemakers

Amy Christine (Owner)
Amy is, first and foremost, a Prince fan. She does wine stuff too. In 2013 she passed the Master of Wine exam. She teaches WSET for Fine Vintage LTD in Los Angeles and works in sales for Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant in LA and Santa Barbara County. In her spare time she produces videos for her dirty and completely inappropriate YouTube channel called Pairing with Prince where she is attempting to pair a wine with every song in the Prince catalogue. She enjoys binging on The Golden Girls and drinking vinegar tonics.

Peter Hunken (Owner)
Peter began his career at Stolpman Vineyards, where he served as assistant winemaker under Sashi Moorman, for 8 years. He made the transition to focus on Holus Bolus full time in 2008. In his spare time he plays ice hockey on a team with other 40-somethings who are all in denial about having bad knees. Additionally, he enjoys watching the train wreck that is Bachelor in Paradise.

Amy Christine and Peter Hunken can be contacted at peter@thejoyfantastic.com.


Joey Coco

Joey Coco, Vineyard Security

Joey Coco was rescued from the Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society in January of 2021. We don’t know his history, but we suspect that he was born in the Land of Cuteness and delivered to the Humane Society by a rainbow tattooed unicorn. Joey Coco holds many positions at Holus Bolus. He is Director of Snuggle Operations in the tasting room. He is Barker in Charge of squirrel, gopher and jack rabbit deterrent in the vineyard. He is Head of Begging at the winery. In his spare time, Joey Coco pursues the life of a gourmand, enjoying everything from garden mulch and tomatoes to frozen bone broth.


Chris King, Cosecha Farming

Chris King, Cosecha Farming, Viticulture

Chris King (Vineyard Manager at The Joy Fantastic). Chris has spent his entire working career in the wine industry. Born and raised in Santa Barbara and a graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara, Chris originally trained as a winemaker in California, Italy and Australia before starting his vineyard consulting company, Cosecha Farming. Cosecha Farming is dedicated to organic practices and cultivating a rich biodiversity and biomass of microbiology to maintain healthy and balanced vineyards.

Chris King, Cosecha Farming can be contacted at info@thejoyfantastic.com.




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